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Property Consultancy & Research

Portfolio Strategy Development and Performance Measurement

We help investors set fund objectives that are evaluated sometime later by performance measurement. We put into consideration economic forecasts (economic outlook, interest rates and inflation) and property forecasts (market outlook, rental values, yields, risk premiums, rental value growth and regional history) to set fund objectives. In setting fund objectives we identify for our clients an investment time horizon, formulate statement of risk returns and screen properties that fit the strategy. In performance measurement, we also advise property owners on whether it is necessary to put more funds in other investment sectors like bonds and equities, notwithstanding whether the market is falling or rising.

Development Feasibility Analysis

We advise investors on what best types of homes/commercial buildings to put up in certain locations to rip the highest returns. Our advise is based on extensive market research which ensures the property design tallies with the taste of the local market and that the developed property has stable demand to save on the cost of finance as well as disposal. We are most interested in lowering construction costs and increasing revenue without compromising on quality of developments. We work harmoniously with other building professionals (Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Engineers) to achieve this.

Market Feasibility Studies

We have first hand information on property development trends and city council regulations. We give valuable advise to our clients on where to appropriately invest so as to avoid costly mistakes of putting up properties in zones likely to experience market depression. We don’t just rely on the obvious and visible development trends, as most other advisors would do. We use both economic, financial and social trend analyses to arrive at our conclusion, including demography, crime rates, infrastructure, interest rates and government policies to give informed investment advise to our esteemed clients.

Property Buy or Sell Decision Analyses

Whether one is selling or buying a property, his/her aim is to derive the most interest from his/her decision. For buyers, we partner with them to ensure they get value for money when buying a property. For sellers, we advise them on when and how to sell their property and get the highest possible value. Our research-oriented advise will ensure that clients are not misled to enter into loss-making transactions.

Property Lease or Buy Decision Analysis

Using relevant quantitative financial techniques, we analyse the alternative options available for investors, as to whether to lease an office or equipment or buy and occupy the same absolutely. Where the present value of the lease is higher than the present value of buying the asset or premises, we advice that the client buys the asset/premises. In doing this, we also take into consideration the overall benefits arising from both alternatives so as not to be blindfolded by the obvious benefits or costs.