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Site Acquisition

We offer a full range of services, including:

  • Site identification 
  • Lease agreements 
  • Lease negotiations with land and property owners 

Site identification

The first phase of finding the best candidate for a site can start in two ways. Either the network operator can suggest search areas for us or we can use our Friendly Site Databases to produce a list of possible candidates. Our intelligent and efficient approach takes advantage of established contacts, known site specifications and easier realization of lease and permit agreements.

Lease negotiations

We offer both standard lease agreements, as well as legal expertise in producing specific legal agreements. We also provide a digital visualization of every site, enabling a quick assessment of the impact that masts, antennas and microwaves will have on the property.
Our dedicated team of site hunters knows the market and has years of experience – providing you with quick and reasonable negotiations that lead to complete contracts and building permits.